Snail Mail Snacks {Graze Box}

I’ve known about Graze Box for a couple months, but I’ve never taken advantage of their awesome service. Graze delivers healthy, unique, incredibly creative goodies, straight to your door! Each snack is packed in cute little clear boxes, adorned with pretty letters on top. It’s such a fun surprise to receive in your mailbox!

People who love to eat are always the best people.


The ingredients and nutrition information are clearly listed on the front of each snack. If you have dietary or allergy concerns, you have the choice to select different pre-set options while personalizing your box. Graze configured a cutting edge algorithm to hand-pick snacks for each individual.

I received 4 snacks to try. There are over 100 things to choose from, so your flavor combinations are essentially endless. There is a great balance of sweet, savory, healthy, and unique snacks. Here are some of my thoughts on Graze Box goodies!

{Salted Fudge & Peanut Cookie}

It was hard to pick a favorite from the array of delicious snacks that I received, but ultimately, this one takes the cake- or cookie. I’m a huge fan of anything chocolate+peanut butter, so this snack excited my palette. I loved the unique twist on the classic combination that this snack offered.

{Pizza Margherita}  

Who doesn’t love pizza!? There is not a trace of actual pizza in the box, but it sure tasted like there was! I loved the combination of flavors packed in this tiny box. My favorite part was the cheesy cashews!

{Billionaires Shortbread}

This was the first snack that I reached for in the box. I was pleasantly surprised that this tasted like a unique version of trail mix. The medley of flavors blended together beautifully- and deliciously!

{Brooklyn Bites} 

This little package was the perfect afternoon snack. It contained the same cheesy cashews that I loved from Pizza Margherita. This was my favorite out of the two savory options!

I love healthy, unique snacks and Graze did not disappoint with their variety and powerful flavor! Graze is offering you a FREE snack box! Pay a visit to their site to find out more about this great offer. Don’t worry, you can cancel afterwards, but I’m not sure you’ll want to after eating these tasty treats! Healthy snacks are the perfect way to start off 2016 well!

Have fun grazing!



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